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Welcome to Terrapins on Terra

10,000 Generative Terrapins on the Terra(2) Blockchain

The Story

When I was a child I used to love watching shooting stars. I would look up to the sky and wonder what was happening out in space. 

Well, it turns out that what I thought were comets or asteroids was actually an enormous terrapin swimming through the milky way. 

This creature is as old as time itself, and its shell is covered with dense forest-scape that forms the home of 10,000 unique terrapins. 

To its residents, this gentle giant of space is known as the Terran-pin.

The Migration

Following the devastating crash of the Terrapins home planet, Terra Classic, Terrapins are migrating to Terra V2. Check out Twitter for more details on migration!


Terrapins on Terra are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as “NFTs”. 


Each Terrapin is completely unique as each one was generated algorithmically using over 100 different backgrounds, bases and attributes. We call this (de)generative art.

Hand Drawn

Each of our Terrapins and their attributes are painstakingly hand-drawn for your viewing pleasure. 



10,000 Unique Terrapins will be generated from a collection of traits, with rarity ranging from common to Ultra Rare.

The full list of attributes is available here.

Terrapin looking out over the land.png

Battle for Terra: Pins

Train your terrapin, equip it with the tools of war, and send it into battle. Win the glory of victory, and bountiful cash prizes in the game Battle for Terra: Pins


Terrapin Eggs

Dropped to all wallets for every 2 Terrapins held, these eggs once represented something beautiful and natural, the beginning of a new Terrapin life. The Terrapin scientists have other ideas. Harvest enough dinosaur DNA in game, and create something truly terrifying.


The Degen

This guy puts the degen in degenerative art. That's what this is right?



The Optimist

This guy likes to dream. Sometimes he dreams big. Mostly, he dreams about pizza.


The Artist

When asked to join she said “what’s a terrapin” followed shortly by “what’s an NFT?”

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